Computer Centre

 IEG's computer unit caters to about 170 users, including faculty members, supporting research staff, administration, doctoral students, IES probationary officers and affiliated visitors. We have a large local area network (LAN) serviced by the HP BL460c G7 blade server fitted with three blades, one of which is used for authentication, second for the DSpace repository and the third blade is for the applications and database services. DSpace repository is running on Linux. Apart from file repository, IEG is running database and datasets repository on database and application server. The LAN system is continually upgraded to incorporate new developments in Information Technology. Recently, the IEG acquired a high speed fiber link for NKN (National Knowledge Network) internet bandwidth over the University of Delhi's LAN system. In addition, IEG is also subscribing 4 MBPS Internet bandwidth as an alternative bandwidth for continuous and instant access to the information. The University of Delhi's LAN connection is also being used as a gateway to access journals, online databases and other online resources. The IEG’s offices and the hostel are well interconnected with each other using wire and wi-fi systems over the LAN. IEG’s residential quarter are also connected with wi-fi systems. Recently, CCTV camera systems were fixed in the Library. Computer Unit is also working on expansion plan to fix CCTV camera systems in the different offices and the quarters of the Institute 


IEG has 170 desktop computers ranging from Pentium-IV, core2duo, i3, i5 and i7 series personal computers. Faculty members are provided with PCs in their offices, connected with individual simplex/duplex/MFP laser printers. They are also provided laptops. Similar facilities are provided to the IEG administrative units and senior administrative staff. In addition, there are heavy-duty network printers in the computer unit and the library connected via LAN to some 35 PCs located these sections. Other facilities in the computer unit include an HP Scanjet 9120 Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) scanner, three high luminous LCD projectors and motor operated display panels.


The Unit also maintains Intranet system for the Institutes. Different circulars, official information, memorandum etc. which are of local importance within the Institutes are being uploaded on Intranet server for effective and instant information sharing. The feature rich Intranet site is developed on high end technologies and the Unit constantly maintains, manages and upload the information on the Intranet system.


To promote effective and paperless communications amongst the academic and the administrative staff of the Institute, the Computer Unit implemented Google Apps. More than 65 such accounts have already been created for the use of IEG faculty, administrative staff and the researchers. The rich integration of the email systems with Google Docs, Calendars, Groups etc. not only helps them in effective communication but also helps in managing  the information easily and effectively from anywhere.


Audio/Video Room of the Institute is being used for virtual conferencing, video conferencing, interviews, presentation and demo programme. This room is equipped with VHF audio conferencing systems, hi-fi audio amplifier with payer and PTZ camera. Nearly 28 nos of such conferencing related events were organized by the Computer Unit in this room.


Importance of the growing means of the social networking was recognized by the Computer Unit and related social networking technologies are being used since 2014. The Computer Unit has webcasted 12 nos of major events and 3 nos of other events which were organized by the IEG. These events were made live using social networking technologies and later on these programmes were made available on youtube. The web-analytics shows that these programme were viewed in India and abroad and received almost 3900 views.


Web-analytics of different programme which were webcasted live through the use of social networking technologies is given below.


Event’s Name


National Seminar on World Population Day on 9 July (Plenary Session I) 


National Seminar on World Population Day on 9 July (Inauguration) 


Distinguished Lecture on "Growth and Distribution" 


Distinguished lecture by Prof. James . J Heckman 


Urban Concerns On 22.03.2014 


Greening Development On 22.03.2014 


Agriculture and Food Security On 21.03.2014 


Universal Health Coverage On 21.03.2014 


Social Consequences of Growth On 20.03.2014 


Growth and Social Transformation 20 March 2014 


Distinguished lecture by Prof. Prabhu Pingali on Dt. 10.March.2014 Part-1


Distinguished lecture by Prof. Prabhu Pingali on Dt. 10.March.2014 Part-2






The Institute is becoming pioneer to use such technologies in academic and research institutions.


For software, apart from general purpose application packages such as MS Office and Adobe Acrobat, IEG's software library has advanced econometric packages which faculty and supporting research staff can use for advanced econometric and statistical analysis. These packages include Eviews 8.1, Limdep 7.0, Stata 13.0, Stella 5.0, Vensim 5.5 (DSS), GAMS 2.5, MFIT 5.0, MLwin, RATS 6.0, ArcView 9.1, SPSS 16.0 etc. Network and online database such as Ace Equity etc. are also available.



Staff Name


Sh. Vinod Kumar Tyagi

Computer System Administrator

Sh. Parag Kamal Sharma 


Sh. Inder Kumar 

Sr. Lab Asstt

Sh. Vikas Kumar