Computer Centre

IEG’s computer unit caters to about 170 users, including faculty members, supporting research staff, members of the administration, doctoral students, IES probationary officers and affiliated visitors. We have a large local area network (LAN) serviced by the HP BL460c G7 blade server. IEG also acquired a high-speed fiber link of the National Knowledge Network (NKN) over the University of Delhi’s LAN system. It is also being used to access 100+ e-resources (journals, online databases, etc.). IEG also acquired additional 10 MBPS 1:1 internet link to manage internet failure and to provide un-interrupted internet services in the IEG’s offices, hostel and the staff quarters which are also interconnected using wire and unified Wi-Fi systems. CCTV camera systems were fixed for security on the campus and a biometric attendance system was installed for effective supervision of personnel. The IES training room of the Institute is installed with modern training amenities such as Digital Podium, wireless PA system.


Faculty members and senior administrative staff are provided with PCs in their offices, connected with individual duplex/MFP laser printers. They are also provided laptops. Heavy-duty printing services are deployed in the computer unit, library and the accounts section of the Institute. Modern systems such as Digital Podium facilitate training programmes. IEG’s software library has advanced application and econometric packages which cover MS Office, Adobe Acrobat Eviews 9.1, Limdep 7.0, Stata 14.0, Stella 5.0, Vensim 5.5 (DSS), GAMS 2.5, MFIT 5.0, MLwin, RATS 6.0, ArcGIS 10.1, etc. Network and online database such as Ace Equity, Prowess are also available.


The feature-rich IEG website uses CMS which allows the faculty, research units and administration to easily update their information. It also incorporates an online job portal, events manager and off-campus faculty login. The Audio-Visual Room of the Institute is equipped with VHF audio conferencing and can be used for web conferencing, live interviews, live presentations and demo programmes.


IEG is also recognised for its growing presence on social networking sites including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. We have registered nearly 1,000+ followers on these accounts and 15,000+ connects on YouTube. Web-analytics reveal that Institute events have been watched on YouTube in 50+ countries across the world.


Web-analytics of different programme which were webcasted live through the use of social networking technologies during the session 2018-19 is given below.




Event’s Name (2018-19)


Workshop on "Priority Setting in the Health Sector: Practices and Possibilities for India", 27th February 2018


Seminar on "Ecosystem Restoration and Livelihood" by NABARD Chair IEG | Part-1 |, 8th March 2018


Seminar on "Ecosystem Restoration and Livelihood" by NABARD Chair IEG | Part-2 |, 8th March 2018 


Annual Work Plan (AWP) 2018-19 Meeting PRC Centres, 27th March 2018


My Journey from Marxism-Leninism to Nehruvian Socialism, by Prof. C.H. Hanumantha Rao, 26th April 2018


78 Annual Conference, 1st November 2018


Panel Discussion: Rethinking Society for the 21st Century, 1st November 2018


78th Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Agriculture Economics | Day 1 | Main Hall (Part 1), 27th November 2018


78th Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Agriculture Economics | Day 1 | Dinner, 27th November 2018


The Economics of Building Resilence to Flooding A Case of Dhaka City, 12th December 2018


Workshop on Development of Biofortified Crops, 31st January 2019


Sixth International Conference of Asian Special Libraries (ICoASL 2019), 14th February 2019








Staff Name


Sh. Vinod Kumar Tyagi

Computer System Administrator

Sh. Parag Kamal Sharma 


Sh. Inder Kumar 

Sr. Lab Asstt

Sh. Vikas Kumar