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Contributions to Indian Sociology – An Overview

Contributions to Indian Sociology (CIS) is a premier, peer-reviewed journal which is sponsored by the Institute of Economic Growth and published by SAGE Publications, Delhi. The journal was founded by Louis Dumont and David Pocock in 1957 but ceased publication in 1966. A new series commenced publication in 1967 at the initiative of T.N. Madan and with the support of an international group of scholars including Professors Louis Dumont, A.C. Mayer, Milton Singer and M.N. Srinivas. Published annually till 1974, Contributions became biannual publication in 1975. From 1999, the journal has been published thrice a year.

CIS has encouraged and fostered cutting-edge scholarship on South Asian societies and cultures over the last 50 years. Its regular features include research articles, a discussion section on the sociology of India, short comments and book reviews. The journal also publishes special issues to highlight new and significant themes in the discipline.

CIS invites articles on all countries of South Asia, the South Asian diaspora as well as comparative studies related to the region. The journal favours articles in which theory and data are mutually related. It welcomes a diversity of theoretical approaches and methods.

Following issues of Contributions have been published under Occasional Studies Series:

  1. T.N. Madan, ed. 1976. Muslim Communities of South Asia: Society and Culture (vol. 6, 1972). New Delhi: Vikas.*
  2. Satish Saberwal, ed. 1978. Process and Institution in Urban India: Sociological Studies (vol. 11 [1], 1977). New Delhi: Vikas. Second Impression (New Delhi: Vikas), 1978.*
  3. T.N. Madan, ed. 1982. Way of Life: King, Householder, Renouncer: Essays in Honour of Louis Dumont (vol. 15 [1&2], 1981). New Delhi: Vikas. Paris: Maison des Sciences de 1’Homme. Second impression (New Delhi: Vikas), 1982. Second edition (Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass), 1988.
  4. Veena Das, ed. 1986. The Word and the World: Fantasy, Symbol and Record (vol. 19 [1], 1985). New Delhi: SAGE.*
  5. Mckim Marriott, ed. 1990. India Through Hindu Categories (vol. 23 [1], 1989). New Delhi: SAGE. Fifth impression (New Delhi: SAGE), 1998.
  6. T.N. Madan, ed. 1995. Muslim Communities of South Asia: Culture, Society and Power (Revised and enlarged edition) (vol. 6, 1972). New Delhi: Manohar (first published by Vikas*).
  7. Patricia Uberoi, ed. 1996. Social Reform, Sexuality and the State (vol. 29 [1&2], 1995). New Delhi: SAGE. Third impression, 1998.
  8. Veena Das, Dipankar Gupta and Patricia Uberoi, eds. 1999. Tradition, Pluralism and Identity: In Honour of T.N. Madan (vol. 32 [2], 1998). New Delhi: SAGE.
  9. Jonathan P. Parry, Jan Breman and Karin Kapadia, eds. 1999. The Worlds of Indian Industrial Labour (vol. 33 [1&2], 1999). New Delhi: SAGE.
  10. Sumathi Ramaswamy, ed. 2003. Beyond Appearances? Visual Practices and Ideologies in Modern India (vol. 36 [1&2], 2002). New Delhi: SAGE.
  11. Filippo Osella and Katy Gardner, eds. 2004. Migration, Modernity and Social Transformation in South Asia (vol. 37 [1&2], 2003). New Delhi: SAGE.
  12. Dipankar Gupta, ed. 2004. Caste in Question: Identity or Hierarchy? (vol. 38 [1 & 2], 2004). New Delhi: SAGE.

* Out of print

Recent Special Issues

  1. Nandini Sundar, Satish Deshpande and Amita Baviskar, eds. 2010. ‘Popular Culture, Gender and Sexuality: Essays in Honour of Patricia Uberoi’ (vol. 44 [1&2]).
  2. James Staples, ed. 2012. ‘Suicide in South Asia: Ethnographic Perspectives’ (vol. 46 [1&2]).
  3. Constantine V. Nakassis and Llerena Guiu Searle, eds. 2013. ‘Social Value Projects in Post-liberalisation India’ (vol. 47 [2]).