Faculty Working Papers


Year Author Title Number Download Paper
2014  Pradeep Agrawal  The Role of Exports in India's Economic Growth  345 
2014  Pravakar Sahoo and Abhirup Bhunia  China's Manufacturing Success: Lessons for India  344 
2014  Thiagu Ranganathan,Sarthak Gaurav and Ashish Singh  Anomaly in Decision Making Under Risk: Violation of Stochastic Dominance Among Farmers in Gujarat, India  343 
2014  Kunal Sen and Sabyasachi Kar  Boom and Bust? A Political Economy Reading of India's Growth Experience, 1993-2013  342 
2014  Michael Levien  Social Capital as Obstacle to Develpoment: Brokering Land, Norms, and Trust in Rural India  341 
2014  Thiagu Ranganathan,Sarthak Gaurav and Ashish Singh  Demand for Price Insurance among Farmers in India: A Choice Experiment-based Approach  340 
2014  A Vadivel and M Ramachandran  The Reserve Bank of India's Reaction to Exchange Rate Variation: A timevarying parametric approach  339 
2014  Saudamini Das  Heat Waves Decrease Labour Supply: Evidence on Low-income Urban Workers In Weather-exposed Occupations  338 
2014  Amarnath Tripathi  Socioeconomic Backwardness Increases Vulnerability to Climate Change: Evidence from Uttar Pradesh  337 
2014  Devesh Vijay  Changing Livelihoods in Delhi's Periphery, circa 1930-2012  336 
2014  Bishwanath Goldar, Basanta K Pradhan and Akhilesh K Sharma  Elasticity of Substitution between Capital and Labour in Major Sectors of the Indian Economy  335 
2013  Pradeep Agrawal and Seema Sangita  India and Central Asia: Trade Routes and Trade Potential  334 
2013  Pravakar Sahoo, Ranjan Kumar Dash and Prabhu Prasad Mishra  Determinants of India's Services Exports  333 
2013  Sabyasachi Kar, Lant Pritchett, Selim Raihan and Kunal Sen  Looking for a Break: Identifying transitions in growth regimes  332 
2013  Bimal Kishore Sahoo  Total Factor Productivity of the Software Industry in India  331 
2013  Nira Ramachandaran  Are Women’s Issues Synonymous with Gender in India? Looking Across Geographic Space  330 
2013  Nimai Das  Subnational-level Fiscal Health: Stability and sustainability implications for Kerela, Punjab, and West Bengal  329 
2013  A. Vadivel and M. Ramachandran  Does Exchange Rate Intervention Trigger Volatility?  328 
2013  Reetika Khera  Democratic Politics and Legal Rights: Employment gurantee and food security in India  327 
2013  Basanta K. Pradhan, M.R. Saluja and Akhilesh K. Sharma  A Social Accounting Matrix for India 2007-2008  326 
2013  Reetika Khera  Cash vs In-Kind Transfers: Indian Data Meets Theory  325 
2013  David Martin  Biodiversity Prioritisation and Gender  324 
2013  David Martin  Noah Revisits Biodiversity Protection Prioritisation  323 
2013  Vladimir Canudas-Romo and Nandita Saikia  Gender Gap in Life Expectancy in India, 1970-2006  322 
2013  Prakashan Chellattan Veetil and Vijech V. Krishna  Productivity and Efficiency Impacts of Zero Tillage Wheat in Northwest Indo-Gangetic Plains  321 
2012  Bina Agarwal  Food Security, Productivity, and Gender Inequality  320 
2012  Pradeep Agrawal  India's Petroleum Demand: Empirical Estimations and Projections for the Future  319 
2012  Pradeep Agrawal and Durairaj Kumarasamy  Food Price Inflation in India: Causes and Cures  318 
2012  Basanta K Pradhan and Joydeep Ghosh  Carbon Taxes vs Productivity Shocks: A comparative analysis of the costs in a CGE framework for India  317 
2012  Ankush Agrawal and Vikas Kumar  An Investigation into Changes in Nagaland's Population between 1971 and 2011  316 
2012  Basanta K Pradhan and Joydeep Ghosh  The Impact of Carbon Taxes on Growth Emissions and Welfare in India: A CGE analysis  315 
2012  Sanhita Sucharita  Fiscal Consolidation in India  314 
2012  Kar, Sabyasachi and Kumarjit Mandal  Reexamining the Finance–Growth Relationship for a Developing Economy: A time series analysis of post-reform India  313 
2012  Mukhopadhyay,Abhiroop and Soham Sahoo  Does Access to Secondary Education Affect Primary Schooling? Evidence from India  312 
2012  Agarwal, Ankush and Vikas Kumar  Nagaland's Demographic Somersault  311 
2011  Brajesh Jha  Policies for Increasing Non-Farm Employment for Farm Households in India  310 
2011  G. Ananda Vadivelu  Does Participatory Development Legitimise Collusion Mechanisms? Evidence from Karnataka Watershed Development Agency  309 
2010  Ashish Taru Deb  Business Group Ownership of Banks: Issues and Implications  308 
2010  Kar, Sabyasachi, Debajit Jha and Alpana Kateja  Club-Convergence and Polarisation of States: A Nonparametric Analysis of Post-Reform India  307 
2010  Maiti, Dibyendu and Arup Mitra  Skills, Informality, and Development  306 
2010  Bina Agarwal  Rethinking Agricultural Production Collectivities: The case for a group approach to energize agriculture and empower poor farmers  305 
2009  Maiti, Dibyendu and Sugata Marjit  Regional Openness, Income Growth and Disparity across Major Indian States during 1980-2004  304 
2009  Brajesh Jha, Amarnath Tripathi and Biswajit Mohanty  Drivers of Agricultural Diversification in India, Haryana and the Greenbelt Farms of India  303 
2009  Brajesh Jha, Nitesh Kumar and Biswajit Mohanty  Pattern of Agricultural Diversification in India  302 
2009  Maiti, Dibyendu and Sugata Marjit  Informal Wage and Formal Sector Productivity: Theory And Evidences From India  301 
2009  Agrawal, Pradeep and Eckhard Siggel  The Impact of Economic Reforms On Indian Manufacturers: Evidence From A Small Sample Survey  300 
2009  Brajesh Jha  Evaluating Agricultural Policy In A Farming System Framework: A Case Study From North West India  299 
2009  Arup Mitra  Impact Of Trade On Service Sector Employment In India  298 
2009  Bishwanath Goldar  Impact of Trade on Employment Generation in Manufacturing in India  297 
2009  Suresh Sharma  Literacy and School Attendance in India  296 
2009  Saudamini Das  Addressing Coastal Vulnerability at the Village Level: The Role of Socio-economic and Physical Factors  295 
2009  Seema Joshi  IT and ITES as an Engine of Growth: An Exploration into the Indian Experience  294 
2008  Bishwanath Goldar and V.S.Renganathan  Import Penentration and Capacity Utilization in Indian Industries  293 
2008  Suresh Sharma  Childhood Mortality and Health in India  292 
2008  Bishwanath Goldar and Arup Mitra  Productivity Increase and Changing Sectoral Composition: Contribution to Economic Growth in India.  291 
2008  Moneer Alam  Ageing, Socio-Economic Disparities And Health Outcomes: Some Evidence From Rural India  290 
2008  Pradeep Agrawal, Pravakar Sahoo and Ranjan Kumar Dash  Savings Behaviour in South Asia.  289 
2008  Pravakar Sahoo and Ranjan Kumar Dash  Economic Growth in South Asia: Role of Infrastructure  288 
2007  Ghosh, Nilabja, Kar, Sabyasachi and Sharma, Suresh  Inequalities of Income Opportunity in a Hilly State: A Study of Uttarakhand  287 
2007  Chaurasia, Alok Ranjan  Comparative Analysis of Population Transition in India and China  286 
2007  Grover, Shalini  Looking Inside Marriage: Lived Experiences, Notions of Love and Kinship Support Amongst Working Women in New Delhi  285 
2007  Sharma, Suresh and Ghosh, Nilabja  Education for All: A Case of Rural Himalayan  284 
2007  Sharma, Suresh   Immunization Coverage in India.  283 
2007  Murty, M N  On Environmental Accounting for Sustainable Development.  282 
2007  Sabyasachi, Kar   Inclusive Growth in Hilly Regions: Priorities for the Uttarakhand Economy.  281 
2007  Bora, R S  Imbalance in Child Sex Ratio: Trends, Causes and Emerging Issues.  280 
2007  Mehra, Meeta Keswani   Interaction Between Trade and Environmental Policies with Special Interest Politics.  279 
2007  Chaurasia, Alok Ranjan  Fertility Transition in India: 1985-2003  278 
2006  Shah, Amita   Environmental Implications of Agriculture and Policy Initiatives in India and the EU: Review of Evidence and Issues  277 
2006  Chopra, Kanchan, Kumar, Pushpam and Kapuria, Preeti   Internalizing the Cost of Biodiversity Loss Due to Aquaculture: A Case Study of the Indian Sundarbans .  276 
2006  Bose, Devashis   Economics of Environmental Management System in Oil India Limited: An Environmental Economics Perspective Case Study of Oil, Duliajan.  275 
2006  Pattanaik, Sarmistha   Commercialization of Shrimp Trade, Environment and Rural Poverty: A Socio-Ecological Exploration in Coastal Orissa.  274 
2006  Murty, M N, Dhavala, Kishore K, Ghosh, Meenakshi and Singh, Rashmi   Social Cost-Benefit Analysis of Delhi Metro.  273 
2006  Jha, Brajesh   Rural Non-Farm Employment in India: Macro-trends, Micro-evidneces and Policy Options.  272 
2006  Goldar, B N and Kato, Atsushi  Import Penetration and Price Cost Margins in Indian Manufacturing Industries  271 
2006  Murty, M N, Kumar, Surender and Dhavala, Kishore K   Measuring Environmental Efficiency of Industry: A Case Study of Thermal Power Generation in India.  270 
2006  Kathuria, Vinish and Khan, Nisar A   Environmental Equity and Vulnerability to Air Pollution: Evidence from Delhi, India  269 
2006  Bhattacharya, B B, Bhanumurthy, N R and Mullick, Hrushikesh   Modeling Interest Rate Cycles in India.  268 
2006  Kumar, Parmod  Contract Farming in India: Options and Implications for Small and Large Farmers.  267 
2006  Jha, Brajesh  Employment, Wages and Productivity in Indian Agriculture.  266 
2005  Dasgupta, Purnamita and Goldar, B N  Female Labour Supply in Rural India: An Econometric Analysis.  265 
2005  Dasgupta, Purnamita and Vira, Bhaskar   Q Methodology" for Mapping Stakeholder Perceptions in Participatory Forest Management.  264 
2005  Kato, Atsushi  Product Market Competition and Productivity in Indian manufacturing Industry  263 
2005  Sharma, Suresh   Child Health and Nutritional Status of Children: The Role of Sex Differentials.  262 
2005  Ray, Saon  The Changing Role of Technological Factors in Explaining Efficiency in Indian Firms.  261 
2005  Bhattacharya, B B and Kar, Sabyasachi   Shocks, Economy Growth and the Indian Economy.  260 
2005  Chopra, Kanchan and Srinivasu, P D N  The Role of Systems Modeling in Policy: A Study of Keoladeo National Park (KNP) India  259 
2005  Gulati, S C  Population Policies and Program Since ICPD, 1994: Issues and Challenges Ahead  258 
2005  Gulati, S C  Poverty, RCH-Care Utilization and Fertility in India: A District Level Analysis  257 
2005  Panda, Pradeep and Agarwal, Bina  Martial Violence, Human Development and Women’s Property Status in India  256 
2005  Tewari, Meenu and Pillai, Poonam   Global Standards and the Dynamics of Environmental Compliance in India's Leather Industry.  255 
2005  Murty, M N and Gulati, S C   A Generalised Method of Hedonic Prices: Measuring Benefits from Reduced Urban Air Pollution  254 
2005  Murty, M N  Accounting for cost of Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Development in Measuring Green GDP: A Case Study of thermal Power Generation State of Andhra Pradesh in India.  253 
2005  Martinez-Alier, J  Metabolic Profiles of Countries and Ecological Distribution Conflict  252 
2004  Mario, Cogoy   On The Economic Logic Of Eco-Efficiency And Recycling.  251 
2004  Bhanumurthy, N R  Microstructures in the Indian Foreign Exchange Market.  250 
2004  Murty, M N, Gulati, S C and Banerjee, A  Hedonic Property Prices and valuation of Benefits from Reducing Urban Air Pollution in India. (revised paper)  249 
2004  Bhanumurthy, N R and Mitra, Arup   Declining Poverty in India: A Decomposition Analysis.  248 
2004  Bhanumurthy, N R and Mitra , Arup   Economic Growth, Poverty and Reforms in Indian States.  247 
2004  Ghosh, Nilabja  Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Returns from Land: A Regional Study of Indian Agriculture.  246 
2004  Bhattacharya, B B and Sakthivel, S   Economic Reforms and Jobless Growth in India in the 1990's.  245 
2004  Bhattacharya, B B and Sakthivel, S   Regional Growth and Disparity in India: A Comparison of Pre and Post-Reform Decades.  244 
2004  Jha, Brajesh  India's Diary Section in the Emerging Trade Order.  243 
2004  Kar, Sabyasachi and Sakthivel, S   Regional Divergence in India During the Era of Liberalisation: A Sectoral Decomposition.  242 
2004  Alam, Moneer and Mukherjee, Mukta   Ageing, ADL Disabilities and Need for Public Health Initiatives.  241 
2004  Chand, Ramesh  Preferential Trading Agreements and Regional Trade: Implications for Asia.  240 
2003  Gulati, S C  RCH-Care Utilization and Fertility in Uttar Pradesh and Uttranchal: An Integrated Recursive Model  239 
2003  Bhattacharya, B B, Sabyasachi, Kar and Bhanumurthy, N R  Forecasting of State Domestic Product Through Macroeconometric Model: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh  238 
2003  Murty, M N, Gulati, S C and Banerjee, A   Hedonic Property Prices and valuation of Benefits from Reducing Urban Air Pollution in India.  237 
2003  Murty, M N, Gulati, S C and Banerjee, A  Health Benefits from Urban Air Pollution Abatement in the Indian Subcontinent.  236 
2003  Rajaraman, Indira  Inter-state Variations in Utilization of the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund.  235 
2003  Kumar, Pushpam and Tarui, Mori  Does Indigenous Knowledge Contribute Towards the Benefits of Bioprospecting?  234 
2003  Hashim, Danish A  Capacity Utilization in Indian Airlines.  233 
2003  Chopra, Kanchan and Dasgupta, Purnamita   The Nature of Household Dependence on Common Pool Resources: An Econometric Study for India.  232 
2003  Agarwal, Pradeep  Double Moral Hazard, Monitoring and the Nature of Contracts.  231 
2003  Kathuria, Vinish  Failure of Collective Action as an Institution- Lessons from Kundli, Haryana.  230 
2003  Agarwal, Pradeep  Incentives, Risk and Agency Costs in the Choice of Contractual Arrangements in Agriculture.  229 
2003  Agarwal, Pradeep and Saibaba, P   India's Exports: An Analysis.  228 
2002  Gupta, Indrani and Sankar, Deepa  Treatment Seeking Behaviour and the Willingness to pay for Antiretroviral Therapy of HIV Positive Patients in India.  227 
2002  Chopra, Kanchan and Adhikari, Saroj Kumar   Environment Development Linkages: Modeling a Wetland System for Ecological and Economic Value.  226 
2002  Gulati, S C and Sharma, Suresh   Fertility and RCH Status in Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh: A District Level Analysis.  225 
2002  Bhattacharya, B B and Kar, Sabyasachi  Short and Medium-Run Growth and Stability : A Macro-econometric Analysis and Forecasts for India  224 
2002  Sankar, Deepa  Physicians' Multiple-Site Practising Behaviour: An Analysis of "Moon-lighting" in Medical Profession.  223 
2002  Sankar, Deepa  Choose Public, Private or Private-in-Public? Analysis of Public-Private Mix in Health Care Utilisation.  222 
2002  Smith, Rodney B W and Kumar, Pushpam   Royalties and Benefit Sharing Contracts in Bioprospecting.  221 
2002  Kathuria, Vinish  Liberalization, FDI and Productivity spillovers; An analysis of Indian Manufacturing firms.  220 
2002  Goldar, B N and Kumari, Anita   Import Liberalisation and Productivity Growth in Indian Manufacturing Industries in the 1990s.  219 
2002  Markandaya, A and Murty, M N   Cost Benefit Analysis of Cleaning Ganges: Some Emerging Environment and Development Issues.  218 
2002  Murty, M N and Kumar, Surender   Methodology for estimating the cost of Pollution Abatement: A review of Literature.  217 
2002  Bhavani, T A  Towards Developing an Analytical frame work to study Technological change in the small units of the Developing Nations  216 
2001  Sinha, Uday Bhanu  Patent Protection, Innovation Rate and Welfare.  215 
2001  Sharma, Sudhir  Green Revolution and Soil Nutrient Depletion in Punjab: Is there Reason for Concern?  214 
2001  Murty, M N, Kumar, Surender and Paul, Mahua   Environmental regulation, productive efficiency and cost of pollution abatement: A case study of sugar industry in India.  213 
2001  Murty, M N and Kumar, Surender  Environmental and economic accounting for Indian Industry.  212 
2001  Murty, M N   Environmentally sustainable income and  shadow prices of natural resources.   211 
2001  Dasgupta, Purnamita  Valuing health damages from water pollution in urban Delhi, India: A health production function approach.  210 
2000  Kumar, Nagesh  Host country policies, WTO regime and the global patterns of FDI in flows: Implications of recent quantitative studies for India.  209 
2000  Murty, M N and Kumar, Surender   Measuring cost of environmentally sustainable industrial development in India: A distance function approach  208 
2000  Siddharthan, N S  Technology transfer, WTO and emerging issues  207 
2000  Chopra, Kanchan  Environmental issues in South Asia: Theory, policy and institutions for governance  206