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The IEG Discussion paper series has been discontinued. Instead, abstracts of these papers from the past 4 years, are given below. The full papers can be obtained from the authors. A list of earlier papers is also given below.
Year Author Title Abstract
2010  Goldar, Bishwanath  Impact of Environmental Management Practices on Profitability and Market Value of Indian Industrial Firms 
2010  Goldar, Bishwanath  Energy Intensity of Indian Manufacturing Firms: Effect of Energy Prices, Technology and Firm Characteristics 
2009  M.N. Murty  Design of Economic Instruments And Participatory Institutions For Environmental Management In India 
2009  Nilabja Ghosh  Enterprise among farm women in india And understanding their constraints: An exploration of nsso’s 55th round Household data. 
2009  Manoj K. Pandey  Association Between Marital Status and Health: Examining The Role of Age and Gender 
2009  Sanghamitra Das, Vikram Dayal, Anand Murugesan, R Uma, Meena Sehgal, S K Chhabra  An Integrated Empirical Model of Health Effects of Air Pollution: The Case of Mining in Goa, India 
2009  Manoj K. Pandey  Labour Force Participation Among Indian Elderly: Does Health Matter 
2009  Bhanumurthy, N R and Prakash Singh  Understanding Economic Growth in Indian States 
2009  Indrani Gupta  Potential Impact On Health And Economic Inequality From Cardiovascular Diseases And Diabetes In India: Evidence From The National Sample Survey 
2009  Indrani Gupta and Mayur Trivedi  The Slow Decline In The Infant Mortality Rate In India: Can Governance Be An Explanation? 
2009  Indrani Gupta, Mayur Trivedi, Mead Over, Damien De Walque  Determinants of Adherence in the Antiretroviral Treatment Programme of the Government of India. 
2009  Gulati, S C and Singh, Raghubansh Mani  Determinants of Infant Mortality in India: A District Level Analysis 
2009  Debajit Jha, Sabyasachi Kar and Alpana Kateja  Distribution Dynamics of States in Post Reform India 
2009  Sekhar C.S.C.  Effect of Exporting Countries’ Stocks and Trade Policies on World Price – an Analysis of Cereal Markets 
2009  Goldar, Bishwanath  Trade Liberalization and Labour Demand Elasticity in Indian Manufacturing 
2009  Chopra, Kanchan  Sustainable Human Well-being: An Interpretation of Capability Enhancement from a ‘Stakeholders and Systems’ Perspective 
2009  Nilabja Ghosh,Yogesh Chandra Bhatt and S.S. Yadav  Impact of Crop Insurance on Agricultural Productivity: Reviewing the performance of India’s NAIS 
2008  Sharma, Suresh  Urban-Rural Differentials in Maternal and Child Health in Uttar Pradesh 
2008  Rakesh Mohan  On the Occasion of National Conference on “Growth and Macroeconomic Issues and Challenges in India” (February 14-15, 2008) 
2008  Sahoo, Pravakar and Bibhu Prasad Nayak  Green Banking in India. 
2008  Bhanumurthy, N R and Dony Alex  Threshold Level of Inflation for India 
2008  Alam, Moneer  Population Ageing in South Asia: An Overview and Emerging Issues of Poverty and Old Age Health 
2007  Gupta, Indrani and Guin, Pradeep  Health Status and Access to Health Services: A Study of Four Slums 
2007  Alam, Moneer  Is Caring for Elders an Act of Altruism? Some Evidence from a Household Survey in Delhi 
2007  Gulati, S C, Chaurasia, Alok Ranjan and Singh, Raghubansh Mani  Women's Reproductive Morbidity and Treatment Seeking Behaviour in India 
2007  Chaurasia, Alok Ranjan  Population Transition in BRIC Economies: 1950-2050 
2007  Murty, M N  India Environmental Outlook. 
2007  Chaurasia, Alok Ranjan  The Age and Sex Structure of Tribal Population in Central India. 
2007  Uberoi, Patricia  Aspirational Weddings: The Bridal Magazine and the Canons of ‘Decent Marriage’. 
2007  Gulati, S C, Chaurasia, Alok Ranjan and Singh, Raghubansh M   Unmet and met need of contraception in India. 
2006  Bora, R S and Tyagi, R P  Factors Influencing the Phenomenon of Declining Child Sex Ratio: A Study of North Western States in India 
2006  Chaurasia, Alok Ranjan  Mortality Transition in Urban India 1971-2002. 
2006  Sharma, Suresh and Ghosh, Nilabja  Progress of School Education, Gender and Imbalances: The case of Uttaranchal state in India. 
2006  Gupta, Indrani, Trivedi, Mayur and K, Subodh  Costing of the Free ART Programme of the Govt. of India 
2006  Gulati, S C  Fertility, MCH-Care and Poverty in India. 
2006  Gulati, S C  Beyond National Rural Health Mission 2005: Issues of National Concern 
2006  Kumari, Anita  Growth of  Capital  in  Indian Manufacturing Industries During Post-Reform Period - A Comparative Analysis of Firms in High Tech, Medium Tech and Low Tech Industries. 
2006  Chaurasia, Alok Ranjan  Fifty Years of World Population Growth 1950 - 2000. 
2006  Chakravarty, Sangeeta   Stock market and macro economic behavior in India. 
2006  Chaurasia, Alok Ranjan  Obstetric Risk and Obstetric Care in Central India. 
2006  Chopra, Kanchan  The Role of Disciplinary Perspectives in Policy Design for Common Pool Resources: Some Reflections. 
2006  Kumar, Pramod  Inter Commodity Price Linkages In India: A Case Of Foodgrains, Oilseeds and Edible Oils. 
2006  Gupta, Indrani, K, Subodh and Upadhyay, Devmani  Economic Impact of Cardiovascular Diseases in India. 
List of Papers before 2006