The IEG Officers’ Hostel is primarily a facility for the participants of various training courses and orientation programmes conducted by the Institute for probationers and serving officers of the Indian Economic Service, the Indian Audits and Accounts Service and several others including those involving national and international institutions or donor agencies. Depending on vacancies, research staff working on different projects at the Institute, doctoral or post-doctoral students, IEG/Delhi university faculty, IES alumni and guests may also be accommodated for different durations - i.e., from few days to few months - subject to the Director’s discretion.

The IEG Hostel is strictly governed by a Management Committee chaired by the Director of the Institute, and convened by the Warden, who is mostly a senior faculty of the Institute, and responsible for the smooth functioning of the Hostel. The Institute reserves the right to refuse or to withdraw accommodation to any residents at any time without assigning any reason.

Types of Accommodation and Facilities

Currently, three types of accommodation are available in the hostel: 10 semi-furnished rooms with desert cooler and convector heater for summer and winter respectively, 16 AC and geyser fitted rooms, and 4 special air conditioned rooms with carpeting, television and telephone facilities. All the rooms - AC or Non-AC - have attached bathrooms.

Common facilities include a Mess, which provides regular meals and is managed by the long-term (30 days or more) residents of the hostel; telephone with long distance dialing facility (2766-6852); two washing machines for laundering; an AC fitted lounge with television, magazines and newspapers; and some basic equipment for indoor and outdoor games. Collective facilities for hot water are available for residents of Non-AC rooms during the winter months. There is a full-fledged and 6-days a week functional extension counter of the Canara Bank attached to the Hostel premises. The bank works on all working days for 3 hours from 10 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon.

Apart from single room hostel facilities, the Institute has family accommodations for visiting scholars with in the campus. The visiting faculty may be given a residential staff quarter, with kitchen facilities, either fully or partially depending on need.

The Hostel is located with in the campus of the Institute of Economic Growth, which is at the distance of 5 minutes walk from Malkaganj Road at one edge of the Delhi University (North) campus. Prominent landmarks to reach the IEG Campus are the Malkaganj crossroads, Kirori Mal (KM) College (Hanuman Temple), the Faculty of Management Studies (Delhi University), etc. The Hostel is approximately 1.2 km from the Delhi Metro station, 4 km from the Old Delhi railway station and Inter-State Bus Terminus; 8 km from the New Delhi railways station; 17 km from the Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station; 20 km from Palam airport; and 25km from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Pre-paid taxi and auto rickshaw facilities are available from most of these places, especially from the domestic and international airport terminals (ask for Malkaganj, Karori Mal College, opposite Hanuman temple).

The Kamla Nagar shopping area, several eateries, restaurants and utility stores are all within walking distance. The Delhi School of Economics and its Ratan Tata Library, the Agro-Economic Research Centre and the Faculty of Management Studies are close neighbors.

Tariffs Structure

The current tariff rates for short-term visitors are as under: Rs. 250 per night for non-AC rooms, Rs. 450 per night for AC rooms, and Rs. 600 per night for special rooms. All are on singles occupancy basis. Additional charges have to be paid for double occupancy for which extra bed will be provided. Those eligible for long-term stay are charged @ Rs. 3,500 per month for non-AC rooms, and Rs. 4,500 for the AC rooms. Special rooms are usually not allotted on a long-term basis.

IEG Officers Hostel Rules

*Long term or regular residents are referred as Residents. These are the persons staying for 15 or more days in the hostel. They shall be charged on monthly basis.

*Short term residents are referred as Visitors. These are the persons staying for less than 15 days in the hostel. They shall be charged on daily basis.

1. Meal timings should be strictly adhered to. (Breakfast: 8 – 9AM, Lunch: 1 – 2PM, and Dinner: 8 – 9PM)

2. Residents/ visitors wishing to have meals should mark in the prescribed register in the dining hall every day at the time of breakfast.

3. Residents are required to inform the hostel at least 5 days in advance of vacating the hostel. It is essential to pay all their dues and obtain ‘no-objection certificate’ to take luggage out of hostel.

4. Residents must pay their dues within a week after the bills are given to them, which will ordinarily be by 20th of every month.

5. Prior permission is required to keep overnight guests. Children up to 10 years are not in general allowed to stay in the hostel.

6. Damage to hostel furniture/ gadgets will be charged for.

7. Hostel does not provide bed sheets, blankets, and pillow covers to residents.

8. Non-IEG residents can stay in the Hostel for a maximum period of two years in one stretch.

9. Residents who are IEG staff members can stay in the Hostel for a maximum period of three years.

8. Hostel reserves the right to ask any resident to vacate the hostel at any time without giving any reason.

10. Meals, crockery, newspapers and magazines are not allowed to be taken to rooms.

11. Cooking inside the hostel rooms is strictly prohibited. Usage of personal electrical gadgets in rooms such as hot plates is not allowed

12. Residents/ visitors are required to pay Rs.500/- in case of lost of key and Rs.50/- in case of locked in key.

13. Consumption of alcoholic drinks and smoking is prohibited in the hostel premises.

13. Residents/ visitors are not allowed to play loud music or create any other form of disturbance to others particularly after 9 PM.

14. Residents/ visitors are not allowed to put any notice on the Notice Board of IEG Hostel without the permission of Hostel Warden. Tampering with the notices placed on the Notice Board is strictly prohibited.

15. Residents/ visitors leaving the hostel temporarily must inform the Warden of their absence in writing.

16. Residents may direct their guests to park their vehicles in the place marked for parking.

17. Residents/ visitors staying out for night should make an entry in the check out register.

18. Visitors vacating rooms in the late night hours are requested to put room keys in the Drop Box outside Hostel office.

19. Residents are required to pay Rs.5000/- at the time of joining the hostel as a security deposit refundable after obtaining ‘No Objection Certificate’ when leaving. Security not claimed within six months shall be forfeited.

20. Personal locks to the rooms are not allowed.

21. It is mandatory for the residents to take minimum of 100 units of food in a month from the hostel mess. (Breakfast = 4 units; lunch = 7 units; dinner = 7 units)

22. Usage of computer (in AC rooms) requires prior permission.

23. In case of any problem such as drainage blockade or seepage that may damage hostel property, residents should inform the hostel office immediately.

24. Confirmed bookings for visitors especially the block bookings for seminar, conference or workshop purposes by Non-IEG party/ persons can be made by paying advance equivalent to the full room tariff charges for the entire duration of stay. This shall be refunded if cancellation is made one week prior to the event.

Warden: Dr. William Joe                          
E-mail ID: hostel@iegindia.org, william@iegindia.org
Phone: 91-11-27667101 Ext. 294

Dr. Sushil Kumar Sen, Academic Programmes Officer, may be contacted in absence of the warden.   E-mail ID: sushil@iegindia.org