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Identification of Nodal Agricultural Markets for Price Monitoring

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By C.S.C Sekhar, Yogesh Bhat & Namrata Thapa

Working Paper No- 456

Effective monitoring of agricultural prices is crucial since large and frequent movements of prices impact producers’ income; consumers’ access to food and governments’ ability to plan exports / imports. Given that there are thousands of agricultural markets in India, the paper tries to identify a set of nodal markets for effective price monitoring for TOP commodities (Tomato,Onion and Potato), based on a systematic econometric analysis. The study uses secondary data on weekly market arrivals and prices of these three perishable commodities from the AGMARKNET database for the period from January 2010 to December 2019. There are a total of 169 tomato markets, 211 onion markets and 180 potato markets for which data is available in the AGMARKNET database. In the first stage based on market arrivals, 32 tomato markets, 25 onion markets and 29 potato markets have been identified as major markets. From this set, in the second stage by using the VAR-GC analysis, nine tomato (MulakalaCheruvu, Patna, Tiphra, Bowenpally, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chintamani, Solapur, Kolhapur);

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