Monday, January 30

Constructing an Input-Output Table for Odisha for 2013-14

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By B.K. Pradhan, Chetana Chaudhuri & M. R. Saluja

Working Paper No- 396

This study focuses on construction of regional input-output table for the Indian state of Odisha. From 2011-12 onwards, Government of India is publishing all-India Supply-Use tables instead of Input-Output tables. Using an all-India input-output table generated from the Supply-Use table, this is an attempt to make a state level Input-Output table, and describe the economic structure of Odisha. The table, covering 61 sectors for intermediate use and the components of final demand, is useful for regional planning and policy design. Constructing regional InputOutput table for an Indian state is not easy because of gaps in data availability. The table construction uses detailed available state-specific data on different sectors.

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